Witch Hazel Leaf Powder

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Witch hazel leaves, twigs, and bark are used for their astringent, soothing, and hemostatic (the control of minor bleeding) properties, attributes which make it useful for treating minor wounds, scratches, and insect bites. First, it helps reduce inflammation and tone injured tissue, speeding up the healing process. A simple washing can reduce or control a mild poison ivy reaction, and can also offer some relief for the pain and inflammation of sunburns. Witch hazel can be used additionally as a poultice over the closed lids to relieve tired, irritated eyes, and to reduce various symptoms which are brought on by eyestrain.

A quick wash of witch hazel has also been used for centuries as an external application for cosmetic purposes. Its astringency is wonderful for toning the skin. It will fight pimples and blackheads by cleansing and closing pores. It also acts as an antiseptic, helping to prevent infection of skin eruptions. Witch hazel is an old-time external application for varicose vein flare-ups, and as a salve, it can reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids. In this case, its hemostatic action helps lessen bleeding and its astringency works to tighten tissues.

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